Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fives Reasons Sterling Stinks

“It is high…it is far…it is gone!”
It is… perhaps the most annoying home run call in baseball history. Sterling constantly strives to shine the light on himself, instead of the on-field action. This call is a perfect example.

An A-Bomb, Called by A-Hole
It is not enough for Sterling to distract from the game with one over-the-top call; he needs to add stupid wordplay that only distracts from the action more.

Stats! Stats! Stats!
Despite the fact that Sterling will frequently bemoan the over use of stats, he overuses stats.

Oil and Water
His total lack of chemistry with Suzyn Wladman. Really…is she even in the same building?

Perfect Attendance
It’s one thing being a homer, it is another to spend sooooo much time reporting attendance figures. Seriously, count the number of times he mentions this.

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