Friday, July 30, 2010

John Sterling Hall of Shame

A few comments down, our resident Sterling Savant (that’s you Mr. Grumpus) spoke of the day when statues would be erected in honor of the Voice of the Yankees. Such a horrific thought reminded me that, shortly after The Boss passed on, the airwaves were buzzing with conjecture about whether he would every make it to the Hall of Fame. At that time, a friend turned to me and asked “Do you think Sterling would ever get in?”

I froze.

Suddenly I felt like a helpless victim in an Edgar Allan Poe story. Putting the words “Sterling” and Hall of Fame” in the same sentence was worse than hearing the Raven's “nevermore” AND the beating of the Tell Tale Heart at the same time.

Could it ever happen? I hope not, but hope is not a strategy. Together, we must devise an action plan to make sure Professor Sterling never, ever, EVER lands in Cooperstown. Post, respond, e-mail me. Rack your brains for ideas and then tell me…how can we keep this man out???

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  1. A deafening silence--it can't be that there's so many responses to your feeble premise that you've gummed up the works and overloaded your server.

    JOHN STERLING! doesn't need the Hall of Fame, son. He's a one man hall of fame himself, a worthy institution in his own right. His dulcet and indelible calls will go down with other baseball worthies like Bud and Lou doing "Who's On First?" and Dizzy Dean's barn burning baseball calls. Sorry if the references ain't timely enough for you, but that's they way it goes. Not all of us have a subscription to People magazine.