Wednesday, July 21, 2010

John Sterling’s Imagination Runs Dry

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the shock of a bench jockey suddenly being called into play and belting a homer. Whatever the reason, John Sterling has hit bottom with his lame home run call for New York Yankees rookie Colin Curtis.

As the ball left the yard, the Sterling-throated one declared “I’ll C.C. you later!” Then, after an awkward beat in which it seemed Sterling realized just how lame he’s become, he added the attribution: “he said.” Making the whole call “I’ll C.C. you later…he said.”
I get it, his initials are C.C.

I also get that by adding yet another inane home run call which puts the focus on himself instead of the game, Sterling loses the moment.

A pinch hitter, inheriting an 0-2 count from a batter thrown out of the game? Happens every day. A kid hitting his first blast in Yankee stadium? Boring. No, instead let’s focus on silly wordplay so we can all talk about how creative the announcer is. I am really getting fed up.

PS Sterling’s home run call for Juan Miranda was just as poor.


  1. I would've thought he'd go with "Curtis-y of Colin" or something. haha

  2. Good one. Much better than what Sterling came up with!

  3. What was the call for Miranda? My son and have been trying to guess what it will be. I voted for "Take that as a warning . . . a Miranda warning!"

  4. Love your Miranda warning angle, however Sterling's call was "Juan Gone." Boring and needless.

  5. Come on the old Bobby Abreu one was worse than all these. I was going to swear that when Juan Miranda hit a homerun he was going to shell off something like He read them their "Miranda Rights" lol I was dissapointed to say the least

  6. Sterling was born 7-4-1938 not 1948 as posted on Wikipedia, check out the discussion forum under Sterling on Wikipedia, numerous disclaimers incuding the N Y Raiders press guide which listed Sterling from Edgewater, NJ as 34 in 1972. USS Search list Sterling as born 1938.

  7. Really, who gives a hoot in hell? Sterling 60 or 70? I know for a fact that he's ageless, a veritable fountain of middle-aged longevity. He bought MJ's hyperbaric chamber off ebay on the cheap years ago and has been known to quaff more than a few energy shakes, nerve tonics, anti-aging elixirs, plus he has a team of serviles who pump him full of vitalizing tinctures. And more I cannot mention at the mo. You may ask: how do I know all this poop? Well . . . You may read about it in my new pamphlet: JOHN STERLING!--John, we hardly knew ye. Available by request and at your finer haberdasheries in the greater Metropolitan area. Ask your shoeshine boy discreetly--MLB wants to quash my whole dealie, but that's like gnats trying to disuade a giant--these truths must come out as they'll edify the morality of mankind. You can bet your sweet bippy that one fine day, statues t/o this fair land will stand as bronzed and lasting testaments to the moral and broadcasting genius of JOHN STERLING!! Every knee shall bow. Plus you'll save 15% on your car insurance if you buy the broadside now!!!