Friday, May 21, 2010

Howie Rose Kicks John Sterling's Butt

This is the series I live for! Yankees v. Mets!

Is it the rivalry? No. Is it the bragging rights? No. Is it the novelty? Not any more.

I love the Subway Series for one simple reason: I get to listen to the Yankees on the radio without having to listen to John Sterling. Whenever the cross-town rivals do battle, I tune in to WFAN, the Mets flagship station, and enjoy play-by-play the way it should be.

Baseball fans frequently like to compare teams player by player. When that comparison measures Yanks against Mets, the scale tilts heavily towards the pinstripes. First base? Check. Second base? Check. Starting rotation? Check. Broadcast booth? Flushing, we have a problem.

Any advantage Text has over Ike, any lead Jeter has over Reyes, is dwarfed by the way Howie Rose eclipses John Sterling.

Accuracy? Check. Likeability? Check. Home run call? Don’t even get me started.

Am I ready to switch stations for 162 games a year. No way. I’ll take pinstripes over blue and orange any day. But as far as this weekend is concerned, you’ll find me to the left of the dial, rooting for the Yankees, loving life, and enjoying the best baseball announcing New York has to offer.


  1. Rose can't carry Sterling's suitcase.

  2. Mainly b/c JOHN STERLING!'s suitcase is filled with NYY steaks that he receives for his announcing services. Good lord, his suitcase weighs about 247 lbs! A homunculous like Rose couldn't get the thing off the ground a half inch.

    Now, if you like Rose so much, you might as well start rooting for the hapless Mets, as it seems that the games matter less than the announcing, in your feeble estimation. We just pass through two weeks of miserable, brain-battering baseball games and nary a word on the Yanks or JOHN STERLING! and now? I'm to get geared up for the inoffensive, drab spectacle of Howie Rose's radio broadcast? At least you could reformulate your blog into an inarguable proposition: (as in My-Entire-Team-Stinks). Then I would rain sweet nothings down on yr comments sections and not these screeds that merely angry up my blood and dislodge my pyloric valve.

    Maybe it's time you turn the SAP button on yr cable tv set on and listen that way. Yanqui Beisbol is the way to go. By the way, this new guy they have--JUAN STERLINGO! is quite an ear-catching announcer. He's partnered with Miguel Que and it's the best baseball I've heard in about 12 years, even if I don't understand a word beyond "cajones." And that's something JOHN STERLING! has in spades and poor ol' howie rose sorely lacks.

  3. A. Grümpüs (?)May 23, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    JOHN STERLING!'s best calls of the week:

    Re: hapless moonshot giver-upper Chan Ho Park's dwindling fortunes as a professional pitcher. "Well, Suzyn, you know what they say--he puts the 'ho' in 'Ho Park'."

    Re: Ho Park again: "The Yankees are thinking about demoting him from pitcher to belly-itcher."

    And this bon mot: "Randy Winn botches another at bat. That's Randy Winn--the second 'n' stands for 'not winning'!"

    JOHN STERLING! He's a cruel master.

  4. Again, A. GrumpusMay 23, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Take that, Howie (really, Howie?) Rose.


  6. please read below, he is 71 born in 1938 and the truth is finally coming out despite what wikipedia says

    Friday August 28, 2009 9:04 AM By Neil Best

    This week's champ is multiple-time winner DuMont Burger for this comment on a post about the 70th anniversary of the first televised Major League Baseball game:

    "And young Harold Moskowitz was at the game ... babbling to his parents ... it is high, it is far ... "

    (Editor's note: John Sterling was born Harold Moskowitz, as far as I can tell on July 4, 1938, about...