Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Sterling Bytes

In case you need a little fix of Sterling, here’s a link to several sound bytes. Man, is he awful or what?


  1. What.

    Wow! Once again, a well-thought out, well-worded attack. How do you keep this honey-drippin' up? A world awaits your pithy answer. Keep on, keeping on, you wit. The Algonquin set is saving a seat for you at the round table, from which you can issue your delectable bon mots re: all things STERLING!

    Meanwhile, JOHN STERLING! looms far above you--and out of your measly reach--in his lofty 880 perch, booming out Yankee greatness night after night, game by game. We should all be so lucky, but until then, the radio broadcast is one way to touch the hem of his majestic and voluminous garment. We in STERLING!ville eagerly await the re-emergence of young Curtis "The Grandyman" Granderson's return to the field and the corresponding departure of Randy "I'm not gonna" Winn to the scorched earth of baseball ignominy. I'm positive that JOHN STERLING! will have much to say about these manoeuvers and I, for one among many, will be eagerly awaiting, my ear pressed to the speaker cabinet, fondling my JOHN STERLING! secret decoder ring to fully understand the subtext of his latest pinstriped-drenched missive!! Man, now is that great, or what? Just a slice of heaven to me.

  2. A stirring tribute to Randy "I"m never gonna" Winn on 880 during the ignominious Joba implosion Sat. afternoon. Sez Suzyn re: Winn: "a great and lovely man." Sterling sez: "a lovely person."

    It's official--2 out of 2 experts agree: Randy Winn is "lovely." And, to some, "great."

    Meanwhile in other Yankee broadcast news, Robbie Cano has, in the gospel acc. to Sterling, "he's got hands, he's really got magic hands." Do tell, John, inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Linus, someday, the good lord willin', I'ma clobber you.

  4. Seems like a bet on the wrong pony here. New York Magazine running articles on "It is High, It is Far, It is Caught" and their foolish travails ( But one thing is certain. They at least have a feisty and engaged readership. I will henceforth be peppering their lame and banal page in defense of the mighty JOHN STERLING! Going one blog at a time until I batter all defenses and the world will chant as one to the steady beat of a tom tom drum: JOHN STERLING! JOHN STERLING!! JOHN STERLING!!! The heavens will rejoice with such glorious & rhythmic bleatings!!

  5. Well an entire month's silence--what has JOHN STERLING! broken your tiny, pitiful spirit? Or has the month of June been an unbroken tapestry of glorious radio that leaves you speechless, drawn-out and lank? You cur. I knew you'd break and I for one am overjoyed. Calloo-callay, every day just gets brighter when you soar above the low, cluttered clouds, wafted by the perfumy buffets of JOHN STERLING!'s orotund and majestic voice. We're closer to the sun in his presence. The airwaves crackle with wit, wisdom and song.

    Let me be the first to wish JOHN STERLING! a truly stupendous and lovely Happy Birthday! And to George, too, wherever you are and, yes, to all of us in this great land. But in the main, my b-day salutations and vicarious joy goes to my main man, my inspiration, the wind beneath my wings, thu-uh-uh-uh-uh man, myth and yes, living legend, Mr. Harold Moskowitz aka JOHN STERLING!! You're the tops, baby! Long may you roll.