Monday, April 5, 2010

As Good as it Gets?

I forgot just how over-the-top John Sterling gets when he gushes about Alex Rodriquez. I was reminded last night when he called A-Rod’s 2009 post-season “as good a play-offs as any player’s ever had.” Really?

No doubt, Rodriquez had his best post-season in pinstripes, and he certainly helped bring the championship home…but “as good a play-offs as any player’s ever had” seems a bit strong.

In the World Series, A-Rod hit .250 with six RBIs and one HR. Those numbers put him nowhere near the top of any major batting statistic in World Series’ history. Even in Yankee Land, we have Babe Ruth hitting four homers, Bobby Richardson with 12 RBI and, just last year, Hideiki Matsui hit .615 in the Fall Classic.

Rodriquez had a much better LCS, but even those numbers are far from “best ever” stats. In fact, virtually none of A-Rod’s Championship Series batting numbers land him in the Top 10 of any single-season LCS batting list. Oops…actually his three HRs have him tied for third (with 27 other players).

Once again, why let the facts get in the way of a good ass kissing?

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