Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Grand Night for Dinging

Well, it took John Sterling less than two innings into the 2010 season to misidentify a player.

Curtis Granderson’s 455-foot, second inning home run delighted many Yankee fans on opening night, but none more than Sterling. In addition to showing off yet another inane home run call, Sterling continued to gush about Granderson like a love-struck schoolgirl.

The love fest distracted Sterling so much that he referred to left fielder Brett Gardner as Granderson later that same inning.

Opening night box score: Sterling 1, Accuracy 0.


  1. What did Sterling say about the home run?? My husband and I missed it...

  2. "Oh, Curtis, you're something sort of Grandish." bad is that?

  3. Ha ha sterling is an idiot how could you make a mistake twice in the same inning