Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will the Real John Sterling Please Shut Up?

You may have heard this, but here’s a great recording of some guy doing his impression of BOTH John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Not only does he get their sound, but he nails their style. “How do you predict baseball?” “You can throw the numbers out the window.” You get the picture.


  1. Stinks? say you. Like a spring rose. Stinks like a fine & aged cheese. Stinks like a happy dog with a waggledy tail. Stinks like the love of a good woman. He's as fresh as monkey's breath and his pleasing aroma brings serenity to the suffering disciples in radio land everywhere.

    If this be stinking, I hope his scent soon wafts along and covers god's green earth in its undeniable musk. It's the smell of victory! It's the odor of pinstripes!

  2. You could turn Shakespeare into a Red Sox fan.

  3. Um, I think Shakespeare lived a little before baseball was invented . . . Hello??

    I believe the Bard of Avon was a fan of bowling or as we say over here 9 pins. Skittles, really. And he did support a team, as is documented. He loved the Beanham Red Stockings, who were always a second rate squad. Everyone knew that the celebrated Yankham Pinstripéd-eers were the team to root for. Their unprecedented 47 Skittle Cups is still a record to be envied in all of sports, but sadly, doesn't get the press it deserves. ESPN, where are you to document this lusty achievement? Plus John Donne was on the team for 6 seasons and could really holy roll the ol' clay balls.


    Which is why, I contend, that Bill Shakespeare was an over-rated, thieving hack--he had lousy taste in sports teams and in historical records and stole his best work from Hollingshed and Ben Johnson. So nerts to Shakespeare. And to you.