Monday, April 19, 2010

He's O Kay with Me

As much as I prefer listen to a baseball game on the radio over watching one on TV, the voice of John Sterling is enough to drive me to the idiot box. While tuning in to yesterday’s matinee against the Texas Rangers, Yankees TV announcer Michael Kay showed an admirable touch of impartiality.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Brett Gardner hit a grounder that went right through the legs of Rangers second baseman Joaquin Arias. Was it catchable? Absolutely. Was it an error? Yes…to just about everyone except the official scorer who, feeling a little home town love, gave Gardner a hit.

Kay immediately took offense. “Oh come on!” he said. “That’s a shocker. I had it as E4. Come on!”

As discussed before right here at Sterling Stinks, rooting is one thing, but being an all out Homer can get annoying. Good job, Mr. Kay.


  1. I'm pretty sure that JOHN STERLING said that Arias "couldn't catch a cold in an infirmary." Then something like, "Suzyn, there was nothing but air-y-ass between the ball and his glove. An ERR-ORR for ARR-E-ASS for sure." That's the sweet honey that I crave from the Man, the myth, the legend known to mere mortals as JOHN STERLING. Cram that in yr pipe and start puffin', ya buttonhead!

  2. To Arias is human

  3. Cretin. Sterling did the very thing you praise Kay for during Tues. night's game, decrying an error made by A's first bagger on Posada's grounder that bounced off him. Inexplicably it was ruled a hit and RBI by the "official scorer". Sterling wailed, moaned, beat his breast and called down plagues from the heavens and in a mighty display of his clinical imparitality.

    Stand up and give the MAN his due. His reportage and acumen deserve a standing O. I don't even have the energy to rage today. Your blog has sapped the very bile from me. My fascination with JOHN STERLING! is undiminshed.