Tuesday, April 27, 2010

John Sterling’s Home Run Call
for Barack Obama

The Yankees visited the White House yesterday to receive official World Championship recognition from the baseball-fan-in-chief, Barack Obama. And there, smiling like he just scored aisle seats to Finnian’s Rainbow, was John Sterling.

All of which makes me wonder, what would Sterling’s home run call for the President be? Certainly it would start with the obligatory “It is high…it is far…it is gone!” But then what? A few possibilities include:

“It’s an A-Bomba, from O-Bama!”

“That’s gone…and it’s never coming Barack!”

“Oh Mama…there goes Obama!”

“Book it a flight on Air Force Run!”

But these, dear reader, are just the tip of the Sterling iceberg. Put on your thinking caps and send me your best John Sterling Presidential home run call The authors of the top three calls will win a brand new Sterling Stinks T-shirt!


  1. And Patti LuPone was given 14 standing ovations lasting a total of--2 and 1 the count, a hitter's count--and anyway, back to my point, LuPone's ovations lasted 17 minutes by my William Barthman diamond encrusted watch--William Barthman Jewlers, proud sponsors of the New York Yankees--and the pitch and: 'nit is HIGH, nit is FAR, it's gone, home run for Cervelli! Cervelli serve-ellies one over . . . Check that. Suzyn tells me it was Barack Obama at the plate. Well, how do you like that? Obama's called up from the White House softball squad and in his first plate appearance, well, how can you ever figure baseball? He takes a knee high fast ball on the outer half of the plate and, well, he's so quick that he just flicked his wrists, and I tell ya, drove it over the left field wall. So . . . if you're scoring at home, it's . . . a HOME RUNA for O-BAMA! El Presidente signs it into law, let's see if he can go Barack to Barack and a-Belly to a-Belly. He puts the O! in Oval Office and wouldn't you know it, he's taking a curtain call right now. The fans, well . . . you know how Yankees fans are, are in a standing O. It's O-BAMA-MANIA! O what a BAMA-FULL MORNING, O WHAT A BAMA-FULL DAY! Well, you just can't figure out baseball--you got all the numbers, all the figures . . .

  2. Tony D sent us: BA "ROCKS " ONE OUT ! Good one!

  3. "So I like I was saying Susan, I had this great steak dinner last night and and was reminiscing about my early days when I was the President of the Topo Gigio fan club 3 and 2 count on Obama on a nasty change up outside (actually it was a slider)and I wont bore you with STATS here, this steak was fantastic!It was scrumpdillicious-and here's the pitch---and it is high it is far and it's an EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!
    FROM O BAMA---OH MAMA you cant put a fillibuster on THAT one....right into the law books.And speaking of books the New York Public Library will have a Jim Leyritz beer can collector book signing and I have to finish this story about my steak....................

  4. Oh that's why they play it on the's not rotisserie baseball.......

  5. Never happen. No Democrat has ever played for the multi-gagillionaire Yankees. They're all Republicans, I'm positive.