Monday, April 12, 2010

The John Sterling Home Run Call Quiz

Sure we all know “it is high…it is far…it is gone,” but how well can you identify Sterling’s personalized calls for some current (and recently-departed) Yankees? See how you stack up thanks to Sporcle, a Web site dedicated to “mentally stimulating diversion.”

You’ll have seven minutes to correctly identify calls for 15 different Yankees, including Jeter, Cano and (my fave) Bernie Williams. Put on your thinking cap and click here to take the quiz. Good luck!


  1. Yes, but can you name his thrilling, awe-inducing nicknames for Yankee also rans like Chad Curtis? Luis Polonia? Glenallen Hill? Raul Mondesi? Sal Fasano? Ricky Ledee?

    Submit your guesses, chumps. Florid answers to follow.

  2. Give up? Or are there really no other readers here?

    Here's some answers--you match them to their respective partners. Some wunderkinds may have more than one Sterling nickname:

    Mr. Moody's Magnificent Moustache
    The Furious Clench
    The Human Eclipse
    Dr. Belly Buster
    Mr. Hill--Mr. Glenallen Hill
    Steinbrenner's Latest Folly
    The Child Molester
    El Pendejo
    The Genetic Error
    The E-Z Out
    Mr. 6-4-3!
    The S&S Kid--Sluggish and Surly
    Former Scranton runner-up for MVP--2nd in votes, but first in our hearts!
    Suzyn's ex

    Test starts at once. When in doubt, just choose Shelly Duncan. Eyes in front, hands on desk and . . . BEGIN!

  3. I know Gene Michale was The What are these you have???

  4. Grump, you left out Brosius the Ferocious. What's up?

  5. and who is Suzyn's Ex??? Need to know that one!

  6. Supercalifragalisticexpiallabrosius!

  7. So sad to see my former colleague ranting on the Sterling sucks site (most likely he was Sutherlandling it no pants style and blogging while showing a Karen Allen type his anal hair), when earlier in life he would have occasionally blogged on the the Waldman takes a sh%#t site. GRUMP USED TO BE SUZY WILD!

  8. Grumpy- the child molester- mel hall?

  9. Steinbrenner's latest folly- by decade: Whitson, Ziggy's ex-gf's ex fiance, AJ- did I get it right?