Friday, April 16, 2010

Oops, He Did it Again!

Remember when Britney Spears kept getting photographed drinking Coca Cola even though she was a paid spokesperson for Pepsi? Maybe she’s not alone.

If John Sterling is coming to us from the Lowe’s Broadcast Booth, then why is he spending so much time in Home Depot?

When Googling “John Sterling,” I wondered why I got so many links to Home Depot. The answer? It seems that "John Sterling" is also the name of a company that manufactures home hardware products.

Visit your local Home Depot and you’ll find a wide selection of John Sterling (the company) pegs, hooks and hangers to meet your storage needs. Good idea! We wish John Sterling (the announcer) would hang it up as well.


  1. "The Original" A. Grumpus (!!!)April 18, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    John Sterling don't shop at Home Depot--Fortunoff's baby! He don't drink Pepsi or Coke--that's just sugar water--give him fine imported champagne in a clam-shaped hot tub. Baby! He don't listen to bald-ass Brittany Spears. John Sterling loves Judy G. and Francis Albert Sinatra. And Mel Torme baby! John Sterling's thu-uh-uh-uh man and won't take yr callow, snide guff. Just look at his watch! Buh-buh-buh Baby!

  2. As far as annoucning goes, Sterling is rock bottom...aka Lowe's. lol.

  3. Sterling's a bargain at twice the length. Let him blow from on high.

  4. He's not a bargain, he's bargain basement!

  5. I'll have you know that I have it on good authority that JOHN STERLING! is a bargain--perhaps the world's best value. He volunteers at 880 AM and his only pay is the smiles and accolades of the children in Yankees Universe. And whatever promos and freebies the sponsors of Yankee baseball throw in, but who can resist watches from William Barthman retailers? That's the kind of titan JOHN STERLING!! is--he donates his services to the Yanks. And sure, he may be in the basement, but only if that cellar is on the moon and he's looking down from one high perch. Crane your neck upward to glimpse that basement, you lowly so and so. Yr jibes are like mere wayward arrows, shot from a slack-bow by a blind child with leprosy into the ocean at a tiny raft as a stiff and defeaning gale force wind blows ashore--they miss their mark sorely. Or more aptly, mere dogs howl at the moon, but the moon doesn't respond; he shines on majestically.